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Hello, and welcome to our Guitar and Bass section! It's taken us many years to decide which guitar and bass lines we wanted to carry here at Mikes-Music-Shop.com. What we were looking for in US-based manufacturers, as well as importers, were companies which would supply us with quality lines of instruments at fair prices & reliable service (should we have any problems with their products).
           The Instrument lines we have chosen to carry here at Mikes-Music-Shop.com are Martin, Ernie Ball/MusicMan, Washburn guitars & basses, Regal Dobros, J. Reynolds instruments, Kentucky Mandolins and more. We carry these specific instrument brands because of their manufacturers' outstanding attention to quality, fair pricing, reliable customer service and varied selection!
           If you would like to learn more about the products we carry, please visit our "Links" page—where you will find direct hyperlinks to all our suppliers, publishers and manufacturers.

Mike Z.

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